About Diggers Hotline


Who we are
Diggers Hotline was established in 1976 to increase worker and public safety, prevent damage to underground and overhead facilities, protect the environment and to help ensure continuity of utility and communication services.Wisconsin's one-call center has helped millions of callers obtain information on the location of underground facilities andsafe working distances from overhead lines.

Our Employees
Diggers Hotline strives to accommodate a work - life balance for its employees by offering a wide variety of shifts, time off requests, shift trades, schedule trades, and voluntary Time Off (VTO).

Our team oriented atmosphere is fostered by a welcoming attitude and coworker support throughout the year.

We support and promote an environment that is positive and engaging by focusing on employee success through recognition and feedback. Performance based rewards are given for attendance and quality.

Our staff is provided with the training necessary to succeed. Once employees have graduated from the five week training class, it is followed by ongoing coaching and mentoring to reinforce established procedures.

Opportunities for advancement exist at Diggers Hotline. We strive to promote qualified employees from within the organization to fill roles such as Trainers & Coaches, for example. Seasonal employees also have the opportunity to be hired to fill open Core/Full Time & Part Time positions at the end of the season.

We show appreciation of our staff by organizing and supporting numerous employee activities including an onsite picnic, potlucks, Customer Service Week activities, annual food drive for Hunger Task Force, wellness initiatives that include presentations and onsite flu shot clinic.

Our staff is engaged in a dynamic work environment that is demanding of quality while being fast-paced. Our busy season begins in March and stretches into October, with our primary months consisting of April, May, and June.

Want more information? Here's What our staff says:

Not sure if Diggers Hotline is the right place for you? Maybe these comments will help. These are from real people giving real answers about what it's like to be an employee at Diggers Hotline.

“...this is the best work environment that I have ever been in... At my previous jobs it seemed people were only interested in me when I made a mistake. Here I'm actually praised for my good work, and that encourages me to do well. I also like how I can talk to anyone here if I need help with something.” Pat

“…very flexible in rearranging a schedule when there is a need. I also like that everyone is very accessible from coaches to the team leaders. it is a very intense job but a very relaxing atmosphere, from the dress code to the friendliness of the employees. I have worked in call centers and customer service for 25 years and while this has been the most challenging, it has also has been the most fulfilling and rewarding contact center I have worked in. There is a sense of pride in what we do and that gives me a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.”  James

“...I enjoy the environment at Diggers Hotline because of the bright, open workspace, the flexibility in scheduling, the constant efforts to provide a fun atmosphere with themed/holiday decorations, contests and activities, as well as the consistent efforts to recognize achievements and good work in general, combined with good and fair constructive criticism.  Also, the management staff is very approachable and helpful in all areas.”   Jennifer

“…I found that the training and getting feedback when your first on the floor made it much easier to succeed. Also, it’s nice that the coaches have been so supportive and want people to be successful. The environment is very relaxed and friendly considering the nature of the business. I worked on Easter and it was neat that everyone pitched in for a mini dinner that made the day very enjoyable. Customer Service week was also great, giving the staff a feeling that they’re not being taken for granted.”   Steve

“...love the challenge with every call. Thoroughly enjoy who I work with, everyone is so very nice and helpful .  I  have the opportunity to learn something new every day. And that's important.”  Michelle

"...I am thankful to be a contributor to our mission of keeping the contractors and homeowners safe throughout Wisconsin. Our work is work that matters, and knowing that is very fulfilling." Gregory