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If you are a facility owner interested in keeping your underground lines safe, becoming a member of Diggers Hotline is essential.

Members of Diggers Hotline are notified of all work being done near their lines, keeping both the lines and those working or living near the lines safe. Becoming a member will also help you avoid costly repairs to damaged lines caused by excavators who had no way of knowing your lines were in the area.

Damaged lines can cost you thousands of dollars and may even cost someone their life, but this can all be prevented. By becoming a member, you will be notified in advance that work is being done near your lines so that you can mark the location or contact the excavator to provide working clearance information, keeping everyone safe and happy.

If you’re looking to keep your facilities safe, take the first step and request a member packet by filling out the form below. Why take the risk? Become a member today.

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