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Waive The Disclaimers

Frequent callers can opt out of hearing the standard disclaimers and statements during calls to Diggers Hotline


Now calling in a locate request can be quicker and easier than ever, by choosing to opt out of hearing the standard disclaimer statements read during the locate request process. This will help callers save time on the phone and be more efficient when filing locate requests.


In order to qualify for this disclaimer bypass, you will need to complete the contractor disclaimer form, and then fax or mail it to Diggers Hotline. The disclaimers you can opt out of are listed on the form. (The waiver form is a .pdf format file. You may need to install the free Adobe Reader program to read the file.)


Once a caller ID has opted out of a waiver, Diggers Hotline call center representatives will see a green check mark on their computers when they input the caller ID. This will be their indication that this caller is an experienced caller and does not need to hear the standard statements.