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Diggers Hotline and No Shock Bock Safe Digging Month Event

April 07, 2021

Celebrate Safe Digging Month by learning about Diggers Hotline and by trying No Shock Bock

Diggers Hotline, Wisconsin’s one-call center, wrapped up this year’s Safe Digging Month with a unique event that helped bring awareness to the attendees and also offered a chance to try a new beverage.


Milwaukee’s New Barons Brewing Coop unveiled their No Shock Bock beer earlier this spring, and tapped a barrel of it on April 21 at Three Cellars Artisan Wine and Craft Beer’s location in Menomonee Falls, WI. 


Diggers Hotline representatives were at the event explaining Safe Digging Month and the importance of contacting Diggers Hotline before any excavation work in Wisconsin, while also giving out promotional materials.


A New Barons representative was on hand sharing No Shock Bock, which has with artwork that emphasizes the importance of “no shocks” when digging underground. The beer’s name and artwork is an easy tie in to the message of Safe Digging Month.