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Here’s additional information for people who want to dig in deeper. 


Much of the safe digging process in Wisconsin is defined by Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 182. The law defines the colors of the flags and paint marks used by the utilities. Another state law defines the Legal Holidays recognized in Wisconsin.


A list of locators working in Wisconsin is helpful to find contact information or to find a company to help find private lines.


Members of Diggers Hotline are underground lineowners, such as utilities.  New and potential members of Diggers Hotline can begin the sign-up process.  Current members of Diggers Hotline can get questions answered and contact information.


There are times when the safe digging process does not work as intended.  For those times, there is an enforcement process for violations of state law concerning natural gas and a compliance review program designed to improve performance when it comes to responsibilities or expectations spelled out by law or Diggers Hotline policy and procedure.