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Welcome to the Diggers Hotline Enforcement Center


The enforcement Center website is where notifications of a violation of state law can be submitted. All submissions are subject to the parameters set out in Wisconsin State Statutes 182.0175.


Information included in a submission should be as detailed and complete as possible. You are encouraged to submit photos, documents or other records as supporting evidence.  It is your responsibility to make a compelling case that a violation has occurred.


Submissions will only be accepted for incidents involving natural gas or other hazardous materials.


No person may file a submission more than 120 days after the discovery of an alleged violation.


Submissions will only be accepted from the department of transportation or a political subdivision, a transmission facility owner, excavator or underground line locator whose property or activities are affected by an alleged violation of 182.0175.


Submission against state agencies must be filed with the Public Service Commission, not through Diggers Hotline.


Damage to a buried utility is not required for a submission to be filed.


In order to file a submission, you will need to sign in with a user name and password.


Click here to begin that process or if you already have a login.


Once a submission has been filed, it will be reviewed to determine if it meets the criteria set out by the state law. If it is a valid submission, the alleged offending party of your submitted information will be notified of the submission.  Once a response has been received, all of the pertinent information will be shared with a panel of stakeholders.


The stakeholders will determine whether or not there is probable cause that an action occurred that the alleged offending party knew or should have known was in violation of 182.0175. If probable cause is found, the panel will decide between education or referring to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.