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Governor Evers Proclaims April 2024 as Safe Digging Month

April 01, 2024

Contacting Diggers Hotline before any digging project prevents damage to underground utility lines and keep communities safe and connected to essential services


In observance of National Safe Digging Month, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has proclaimed April to be Safe Digging Month in the state of Wisconsin.


This proclamation is a good reminder to Wisconsin residents of the importance of contacting Diggers Hotline before any sort of digging project this spring. Diggers Hotline can be reached

by dialing 811 or through their online portal at www.DiggersHotline.com


Not knowing the location of underground utilities before any digging work can result in serious injuries, service disruptions, and costly repairs. Contacting Diggers Hotline helps homeowners maintain their essential utility services by reducing the likelihood of accidentally digging into buried utility lines. It’s also required by the law for anyone disturbing the soil in Wisconsin.


When homeowners file a locate request with Diggers Hotline, the service notifies appropriate utility companies of the project.  The utility companies then send out professional locaters to mark any underground lines with flags or paint at the project site.


Regardless of project size, homeowners are required to contact Diggers Hotline three working days prior to any project that involves digging.  Many common household projects such as installing a fence or mailbox, laying a patio or simply planting a tree or shrub require a locate request with Diggers Hotline.  This includes even small projects like planting a garden or installing a mailbox or a post light since many utilities are buried just a few inches below ground. 


Diggers Hotline provides its services free of charge to Wisconsin homeowners and professional excavators. Whether via phone at 811 or online at www.DiggersHotline.com, accessing Diggers Hotline ensures a safer and more informed digging experience for all involved.