Mailbox Installation Tips

June 14, 2017

Many of us don’t think about our mailboxes until they’re gone and we have no way of getting our mail. Whether it has been taken out by rough winter conditions or time has deteriorated it to a point of needing to be replaced, we have several helpful tips that will assist you with the replacement of your mailbox.


Even if you are planning to place the mailbox post in the same area the post was originally placed, you still need to contact Diggers Hotline to make sure the area is clear of utilities. It is possible that nearby lines could have shifted over time or a new line could have been installed since the orginal installation of your mailbox. 


You should also contact your post office to find out the specific regulations regarding the height of the mailbox, which side of the road it should be on, and the distance from the road. All of these factors play an important part in making sure that your carrier can safely deliver your mail.


After your Diggers Hotline start date and time has passed, look for any conflicts with utility lines. If there are any near your worksite, do not use powered digging equipment within 18” of the marks. Since installation will require excavating deep enough to properly set the post - try using a post hole digger, which can be rented at your local hardware store. A depth of eighteen to twenty-four inches is ideal for a stable post. 


Finally, fill in the hole with either concrete or dirt. If you are using a wooden post, place a few inches of gravel at the bottom of the hole to create drainage and to prevent the post from rotting. For filling in the hole using concrete, mix it according to the directions and fill the hole leaving about 5 to 6 inches at the top. Once the concrete is completely set and dry, fill in the remaining space with dirt.  If you choose to use dirt instead of concrete, be sure to pack it down tightly as you go to provide as much support as possible. As you work on filling in the hole and setting the post, use a level to make sure the post remains straight.


Whether you are replacing your mailbox out of necessity or simply to enhance your curb appeal, these tips will ensure your project is done properly.