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Saving Time on Locates

August 07, 2015

Looking to save some time when calling in lengthy locates? We have a few tips that may help you get your locate requests done more quickly.


Waiver Form. If you call in locates so often that you nearly have the legal disclaimer statements memorized as well as your operator, consider signing a waiver form. The form, available here, will allow you to acknowledge that all of the disclaimers do apply to every ticket. Fewer disclaimers means shorter call times for you.


File Online. By filing online, you are able to input all of the information yourself. Because of this, you won’t have to listen to an operator verify the information and give you lengthy disclaimer verbiage. Online tickets are processed the same day they are received. An operator will still check over the ticket to make sure the information is accurate and easy to understand before emailing a copy of the completed ticket back to you. Remember, if you don’t receive the final email confirmation containing your ticket number and start time, you may need to call back to answer a few more questions. Click here to file now.


Remote Entry. If you want to take filing online a step further, consider remote entry. With this program, you will go through a short training class on the system, before being granted access to the same system our operators use. Instead of having the operator take care of the mapping, as they do for online requests, you will be responsible for capturing the worksite on the mapping system. Don’t worry: an operator will still check over the first few tickets you submit to make sure you’re getting the hang of things. Click here to sign up for a remote entry class in your area.