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KNOWING WHAT'S BELOW ROAD MAP TO SAFETY No matter how large or small the project or how deep you're digging, damaging underground lines can pose a threat to your safety. We work with the utilities to identify these costly lines and give you a roadmap to digging safely.
PROTECTING WHAT MATTERS STARTS HERE Contacting Diggers Hotline is about more than just underground lines. It's about playing it safe to protect all the things that matter most. File online or call 811 and rest easy knowing that your project won't involve a preventable accident.
Safety Meetings Register now! Our series of FREE meetings are offered throughout the state to contractors, excavators, municipal workers, and utility workers promoting safe digging practices and the importance of utilizing Diggers Hotline.
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Diggers Hotline helps identify costly and dangerous utilities that can be buried just inches beneath your yard’s surface. Call or click three working days before digging and have your lines marked so you can dig freely and safely.
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