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When anyone digs in Wisconsin, whether planting a tree or building a house, there is a high probability that underground utilities exist within the dig site area. Hitting an underground utility line does more than disrupt service; it risks the safety of the person digging and the public. Homeowners should request a utility locate for any project that requires digging.

Pre-marking the work area with white paint, white flags, rope, or any other distinctive markers will assist utilities with marking buried facilities specific to the actual digging area. If you pre-mark the area, please describe this in your request.

Diggers Hotline will make every effort to review online locate requests submitted during normal business hours (6am to 6pm) on that same day whenever possible. The time of day your request is submitted, call volume, and staffing levels can potentially impact our ability to process your ticket within the same day’s working hours. For a standard request, there is the possibility that you may receive a 4-business day start date instead of 3 days.

Enter the date that you plan to start your excavation with a minimum of 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the request date. It is recommended that users allow for 4 working days. The date should be less than 30 calendar-days from the current date.

The legal start date and time to begin digging will be determined by the date and time the locate request is finalized by our Contact Center Representative, or the date and time you have selected, whichever is later. Utilities will have until that date and time to mark buried facilities.

Diggers Hotline reviews all tickets submitted online for accuracy and thoroughness. Contact Center Representatives also finalize your ticket by identifying your worksite in our mapping system. If there are concerns about the information you provided or our ability to accurately identify your worksite on the map, we will contact you by phone between 8am and 9pm. If outside those hours, we will contact you via email. If we were unable to speak to you directly, you will have 3 business days to call us back to help clarify and finalize your locate request. If you do not call us back within 3 business days, the locate request will be voided.

Your Diggers Hotline ticket number and start date and time will be e-mailed to you after your locate request has been processed in the contact center. Please be sure to check that operations@diggershotline.com is not being caught by your spam filter.

Please do not assume that your responsibility ends after you submit your request. It is your responsibility to verify that you received a copy of the ticket via email. If you do not receive an email with your ticket from Diggers Hotline you are NOT clear to dig. Be sure to check your spam folder.

If you have any questions about whether or not your information has been received, please contact (800) 722-4120