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NOW HIRING! Opportunities in our 24x7 contact center include a variety of part time & full time shifts. If you are interested in a Seasonal Contact Center position, please apply here.


Who we are…

Diggers Hotline was established in 1976 to increase worker and public safety, prevent damage to underground and overhead facilities, protect the environment and to help ensure continuity of utility and communication services. Wisconsin's one-call center has helped millions of callers obtain information for the location of underground facilities and safe working distances from overhead lines.



Our employees…


Diggers Hotline strives to accommodate a work - life balance for its employees by offering a wide variety of shift options, time off requests, shift trades, schedule trades, and voluntary Time Off (VTO).


Our team-oriented atmosphere is fostered by a welcoming attitude and coworker support throughout the year.


We support and promote an environment that is positive and engaging by focusing on employee success through recognition and feedback. Performance based rewards are given for great attendance.


Our team-oriented atmosphere is fostered by a welcoming attitude and coworker support throughout the year.


Our staff is provided with the training necessary to succeed. Once employees have graduated from the four-week training class, it is followed by ongoing coaching and mentoring to reinforce established procedures.


Opportunities for advancement occasionally exist at Diggers Hotline. We strive to promote qualified employees from within the organization to fill roles such as Trainers & Coaches, for example. Seasonal employees also have the opportunity to be hired to fill open year-round Full-Time positions (includes outstanding benefit package) & Part Time positions at the end of the season.


Qualified year-round employees may be considered for the opportunity to work from home.


Our staff is engaged in a dynamic work environment that is demanding of quality while being fast-paced. Our season begins in March and winds down in October, typically ending early November.


We provide a fully modernized call center, having completed a full remodel in 2022.


Diggers Hotline is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all employees.


Here are some testimonials from current employees on working at Diggers Hotline:

  • Juan: "It was intense at first but I liked how understanding, supportive and positive every one of the coaches/trainers were.  All the trainers and coaches told me epeatedly that they remember making the same kinds of mistakes when they were new employees. They all reassured me that I was doing well for how inexperienced I was and with time I would get even better"

  • Colleen: "The expectations of me are clear and I feel like everyone shows each other a lot of respect and the company has high standards and integrity.”

  • Turquoise: "I like the customer service aspect. I like that I can provide a service for people without bringing the issue of money into it. It may sound dorky but I am really proud of myself when I figure out a difficult ticket or help someone who feels unsure of the process. I also really enjoy the general sense of camaraderie amongst my coworkers. There really is a sense of "we're all in this together" here. And Customer Service Week is really fun!"

  • Krystal: "Everyone is very kind and welcoming, right from the very beginning. The overall atmosphere is wonderful. The benefits and pay are a million times better than every place I've worked at before. I can come to anyone with questions or concerns. I have a voice here. It's not far from where I live. It's a family, not a job. I love it here."

  • Andy: "One of the things that I like most about working at Diggers Hotline is that every call is a chance to learn something new. You can either learn a new location in the state that you never heard of or you can learn a new type of work that requires calling us. Every phone call we answer is a chance to learn something."

  • Stephanie: "What I enjoy most about working at Diggers Hotline is the opportunity to assist our callers, I truly enjoy helping people. Second and just as important, I like coming to work because of the people I work with, from management to my peers, they all make it such a pleasant place to work.  I feel I receive all the support that I could ever ask for and the positive, as well as constructive feedback, is wonderful!"

  • Spencer: "I feel confident in my ability to do a good job all the time, our jobs feel important & I love the family-like environment."

  • Chris: "My favorite aspect is the people. Everybody (supervisors, co-workers, and managers alike) treats me like a real human being. I know that sounds weird, but given my history of previous employment, I've never been treated to such a high degree. Giving praise and rewarding outstanding behavior is just as important as quality work here. This is why I enjoy it here so much. "

  • John: "I like working here because I feel like I am part of something important to our community, and its safety. Also, I feel truly cared about here."

  • Jennifer: "I like the feeling that I am making a difference in helping to promote safety."

  • Michele: "I enjoy every aspect of working here. The atmosphere is wonderful, all who work here are very friendly and always available to be of assistance if/when needed. The recognition for a job well done is something I have never experienced in any other place I have worked, be it a call center or retail store. It is a joy to work here."

Opportunities in our 24x7 contact center include a variety of part time & full time shifts. If you are interested in a Seasonal Contact Center position, please apply here.


Thank you for your interest in Diggers Hotline, Inc.